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Ordering DoorGap Gauge   is easy.  You can order singles, quantities or our POP display (with10 units). Please be sure to fill out the order information completely when you are taken to our PayPal cart.  Just click on one of the pictures below to place your order. Note:  We ship by US Postal Service so we will need a COMPLETE postal mailing address.   FOB is Memphis, TN At this time we do not offer Overnight or Next Day shipping, nor do we have expedited processing.  If you require any of those items please visit justdoortoolz PayPal does NOT require an account to purchase via credit card! See Contact page for contact to purchase The DoorGap Gauge outside of the continental United States
Ordering DoorGap Gauge
Order Singles or Quantity                                                   ($23.95 ea)
    Order a POP Display (10 with Display $229.50) Refills  (20 for $459) (10 for $229.50)
(Allow 2 weeks for delivery of display) Display dimensions: 5½”w x 5¾”d x 7½”h